Monday, September 11, 2006

Open source robotics toolkits

Other sensors available in Simbad follow a similar pattern, creating an intuitive set of APIs.
What really makes Simbad so useful is its console for robot simulation and visualization. As Figure 4 shows, the Simbad console gives you a real-time view of the world, an inspector panel that provides robot details (including the camera), and a control panel for managing the simulation.Figure 4. The Simbad robot simulator and visualizer console
Simbad also provides good documentation and tutorials to get you up and running quickly in both the Java and Python languages. And along with single-robot simulation, you can simulate multiple robots simultaneously. Overall, the Simbad simulator is a great environment for testing ideas in intelligent robotics algorithms. Simbad is available under the GPL open source license.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Snake robots could aid in rescues

'Breadstick' and 'Pepperoni' are being testedWednesday, April 12, 2006; Posted: 9:20 p.m. EDT (01:20 GMT)PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) -- For most people, snakes seem unpleasant or even threatening. But Howie Choset sees in their delicate movements a way to save lives.The 37-year-old Carnegie Mellon University professor has spent years developing snakelike robots he hopes will eventually slither through collapsed buildings in search of victims trapped after natural disasters or other emergencies.In recent weeks, Choset and some of his students made what he said was an industry breakthrough: enabling the articulated, remote-controlled devices to climb up and around pipes.Full Article

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

看護機器人 會抱會聞病人尿尿

日本最近研發出一種看護機器人,這種機器人不但可以抱起久病在床的病人,還具有觸覺,可依照人體不同部位的重量進行調整,更驚人的,機器人還有嗅覺,一旦聞道病人大小便,還會立刻通知護士。慢慢抱起,宛如植物人的假人,這就是日本最新研發的看護機器人,為了要改變一般人對機器人,硬梆梆,冷冰冰的感覺,這台看護機器人,特別在手臂以及胸部加裝護墊,以及感應器,會針對人體不同部位的重量,進行微調。(news from研發工程師:「這些觸覺感應器必須很軟,讓人體感到很舒適。」除了觸覺,看護機器人還具有嗅覺,這瓶酒精,就是要測試,當病人尿尿後,機器人會不會有反應,雖然不會幫病人換尿布,不過機器人會,立刻通知其他人。更神奇的是,這台機器人還會隨傳隨到,只要有人呼喚他,兩秒鐘之內,立刻有反應。日本研發單位,花了3年時間,以及將近1300萬台幣,才研發出這台看護機器人,希望在5年之內,能夠再改良問世。儘管機器人動作不算快,不過,久病在床,常常必須更換姿勢的病人,實在是一大福音,更不用擔心 會有黑心機器人,虐待病人。

Monday, March 27, 2006