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恭喜宗廷、明辰入選 "校園專案研發成果競賽初選"

首先恭喜宗廷、明辰入選"校園專案研發成果競賽初選",尤其在很多名校的競爭下,更是非常的不容易,我們學校也只有我們入選;但我想要告訴你們的是,你花多少的時間去投入,你所獲得的回報就有多少,也許不是一開始就有收穫,但佈下的種子,總是會有開花結果的時候,要有耐心。我們學校地處中部,比較感受不到競爭,但現在的時代,The world is flat,相對的每個人都有平等,獲得資訊的機會,相對的是,競爭異常的激烈,你更要積極的去爭取表現的機會,入選全國性的比賽,表示你有跟人一較長短的機會,去證明自己,你所累積的實力更是你以後就業與他人不一樣的本錢與能量,雖然只是一個比賽,但見微知著,你用心的累積的每一步,就比別人多跨一大步,所以,(一)不要眼高手低,把每一件小事做好;(二)要多用點心,用心去想跟別人不一樣的東西,(三)投入多少,你就得到多少;還有如果你們報名比賽、或聯絡Email有我的名字或實驗室與廠商聯絡等,你一定要注意,要Email我的收件人副本,讓我知道,非常重要。最後跟你們分享蘋果電腦(Apple)創辦人Steve Jobs的故事,Steve Jobs分享了親身經歷的幾個故事,告訴我們要 "To think differently",及 Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish(求知若飢,虛心若愚),希望你們有所收穫。


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Volvo safety system for avoiding collisions at low speeds

The Volvo City Safety uses laser radar, or LIDAR, to track the distance and speed of the car in front of the driver. The windscreen mounted device renews its calculations 50 times a second, pre-charging the brakes to avoid potential collisions before drivers can even sense the danger. Link.

The Mercedes Distronic Plus uses a form of radar to maintain safe distance from neighbouring cars. The short-range 24 gigahertz radar sweeps a fan-shaped 80-degree pattern with 30 meters of range, while the 77 gigahertz radar sweeps a nine-degree pattern at a far longer range – combined, the radars cover 145 meters of road.

New technology detects pedestrians

Volvo Cars' Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) has now been upgraded to include a queue assist function. The radar-based Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the set time gap to the vehicle in front all the way down to standstill, making this comfort-enhancing system usable in slow-moving queues with repeated starting and stopping. Link to article.