Thursday, December 11, 2008

Steps of porting the OpenCV application to 1.1pre1

Install OpenCv 1.1Pre1 use VC6.0
  1. Download the latest version OpenCv 1.1Pre1.
  2. Open the "OpenCV\_make" and select the opencv.dsw
  3. Select the cv, cvaux,... and use the "Win32 release", "Win 32 Debug" respectively.
  4. According the compiling error, delete "*.pdb" under the "OpenCV\bin".
  5. Select the cvaux use the "Win32 release", "Win 32 Debug" respectively. The error of "error C2039: 'foreground_regions' : is not a member of 'CvFGDStatModel'" will be shown.
  6. Select the "OpenCV\cvaux\include\cvaux.h" and edit the
    • CvMemStorage* storage; /*storage for oreground_regions?/ \
    • CvMemStorage* storage; /*storage for oreground_regions*/ \

  7. Save and compile again.
  8. Select cvSample, cvtest, highGui,.. and compile "Win32 release", "Win 32 Debug"respectively.
  9. Try compile the existed application and require to remove the ""C:\Program Files\OpenCV\lib\cvcam.lib" and "C:\Program Files\OpenCV\lib\cvcamd.lib" from the VC project settings.
  10. Remove the ffopencv.dll at "windows\system32" since no working at "cvCreateVideoWriter_Win32".
  11. cvPuttext with the inverse vertical setting and need to modify.